What to see in the Valle Varaita

If you should prefer not to go hiking or cycling one day, and you should like to explore the local culture, you can ask us as always, since the Valle Varaita really has a lot to offer in terms of museums and small, original places.


Starting from Piasco, where you will find the Museo dell’Arpa Victor Salvi (Harp museum) which is connected to the harp factory that exports to the whole world, all the way up to the Museo del Costume (Costume Museum) in Chianale, you might stop at the Fabbrica dei suoni (Sound Factory) in Venasca, the Museo dei Muratori i (Builders’ Museum) in Frassino or the Museo Storico Etnografico (Historic Etnographic Museum) in Sampeyre with a room dedicated to the Baìo. Or at the Museo delle Meridiane (Museum of Sundials) in Celle, at the Megalithic Portals or at the private museum Liero d’armoni with a collection of musical instruments from various periods, that were played in the Occitan valleys.


Cultural organizations

Furthermore, the Valle Varaita offers fairs, celebrations, concerts by musical ensembles and very active cultural organizations such as the Associazione culturale Lu Cunvent in Rore, a documentation center of the tradition, history and architecture of the territory which boasts a library, a laboratory of traditional music and an archive of folk songs. Or the Segnavia di Brossasco where they often have book presentations. 

You can find more information at the tourist offices/info points of the Comunità Montana in Frassino, in Sampeyre and in Pontechianale. But above all there is the valley with its nature, its nooks and crannies to discover, the things to experience.

Hiking, cycling, resting, seeing, this is what AlfaBaita has to offer: in what percentages you will decide for yourself!

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