Where we are

AlfaBaita is in the province of Cuneo, in the municipality of Sampeyre, within the small Borgata Confine (or di Sotto; Lower Confine), at 1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by meadows, fields and beech or stone pine forests.

How to reach us

You can reach us by car or by bus, which departs from Saluzzo and drives up the Valle Varaita. The bus stop is only a few hundred meters away from AlfaBaita. For information about the timetable, see Granda Bus line 106.

The car is the fastest, smoothest way to reach AlfaBaita. Simply put Borgata Confine Inferiore into your navigator (if your navigator doesn’t accept the name, write Sampeyre) and follow the proposed route.

For people coming from afar the reference point should be Costigliole di Saluzzo, a vilage at the beginning of the valley. From there, if you take the road towards the Colle dell’Agnello and the Valle Varaita, the villages you will meet one by one are Manta, Piasco, Venasca, Brossasco, Melle, Frassino and Sampeyre. Just keep in mind that you always follow the indications for the Colle dell’Agnello.

About 5 kilometers after Sampeyre, while following the center of the valley and passing by the villages of Calchesio and Villar, you will find a little side street going up to the right, with a sign saying ‘Borgata Confine’ and ‘Colonia alpine di Busca’. Take that street and follow it along a few curves up to a wooden cottage, in front of which the street is almost flat, while to the left another street goes up steeply to Confine Superiore. Obviously you won’t take that one and will continue on the flat street straight on, and after 200 meters you will be in a little square with a small church. That is where the street ends. There you will park your car and call us, we will come and get you. AlfaBaita is about 50 meters ahead, passed the washing basin; we will reach it together so that we can welcome you and show you around.

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Check-in between 17.00 and 20.00. Check-out before 11.00.

In case of delay or specific demands, give us a call.

AlfaBaita is waiting for you: when are you coming to visit us?

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