What to do in the Valle Varaita

We already told you about the hiking, the cycling and what to do with children, but AlfaBaita and the Valle Varaita really have a lot to offer if you are looking for culture and culinary pleasures

If you stay in the Baita

Each AlfaBaita holiday home has its own little library with books to read for the guests (and if at your departure you would like to buy a book that you got attached to, you can get it for half of the price that is on the cover) and a small DVD collection with mainstream titles, but also slightly niche ones.

If you go into the Valley…

During the years we bonded with cultural organizations, local producers and restaurants in the valley, many of which were opened with a sense of renewal and adventure. By now the adventures have been consolidated, just like AlfaBaita, and the ties have become stronger and stronger, so that in each of our holiday homes you will find a small guide in which we indicated the restaurants we have connections with, a guarantee of friendliness and quality, that will give you a small discount.

Some of the connected businesses:

Tra le tante, per tutte le tasche e i gusti, troverete:

  • restaurants like I chimi di Frassino
  • places where you can have a real good traditionally made ice cream like the Caffetteria Fioca di Melle;
  • bars where you can have extraordinary beers like Officina degli Antagonisti a Melle;
  • or places where you will find a combination of books, food, mountain equipment, typical products and spaces for children, like the Segnavia di Brossasco.

Furthermore producers of cheese, meat, yoghurt, honey. Artisans and other local talents. All written down, black on white, in the guide you will find in our holiday homes.

AlfaBaita is waiting for you: when are you coming to visit us?

Our suggestions for your holiday