Adventures for hikers

Hiking (and more) in Valle Varaita, a manual

The Valle Varaita offers infinite possibilities if you like hiking, walking, mountain excursions, climbing and alpinism, in Summer as well as in Winter:

  • a walk in the woods,
  • a trip on snowshoes,
  • a path along the river,
  • a visit to an alpine meadow,
  • a hike of several days,
  • climbing a mountain top or even the Monviso,
  • one of our Literary Hikes.

You will be able to do all this starting from AlfaBaita (and if you want to climb the Monviso you might like to start early in the morning!). We know everything can be done, since we tried it all ourselves.

The Pelvo d’Elva Photo by Luca Bergamasco, CC BY 3.0 <>, through Wikimedia Commons
Tenou church
Chianale Gabygaiffe, CC BY 3.0 < >, through Wikimedia Commons

Our suggestions and those of the guides

A one-hour hike?

Start from AlfaBaita and take the path to Champaneise (we will show it to you). Not far away you will find the alpine meadow where one of the best cheeses in the valley is made.

An easy trip since you have little children?

Park your car at Chianale and walk into the Soustra valley.

A classic trip, with a breathtaking view?

The Laghi Blu (Blue Lakes).

A mountain top that takes an effort, but not too much?

The Pelvo d’Elva.

Eating and sleeping in a mountain refuge?

Bagnour, Vallanta, Savigliano, Grongios Martre, Melezè, Meira Garneri… so many choices.

A hike of several days?

We’ll plan it together! Or you can check out the sites of Valle Varaita Trekking and of Cuneo Trekking, where you will find numerous excursions as well as places where you can go climbing or skiing, and the stopping places and information on the new complete hiking path of the Valle Varaita.

Do you feel more comfortable with a guide or someone accompanying you?

We will contact Daniele of the Segnavia in Brossasco for you, one of the most expert guides and among the ones who made it possible, together with the friends of the Associazione Valle Varaita Trekking, to have the paths restored that now once again connect the whole valley.

Whatever you choose, it will be a great adventure. You can trust me, Davide Longo, since I’ve known this valley and have walked here for over 40 years; first as a child on field trips, then as a mountain climber, then as a skier and a lover of long hikes, and finally as a father looking for walks that were suitable for my own children as they grew up.

AlfaBaita awaits you: when are you coming to visit us?

Discover the beauties of our area!