Adventures with kids

Holidays in Valle Varaita with children, a manual

Borgata Confine, where AlfaBaita is situated, is a little village that is perfectly adapted to children because there is no traffic, because it is surrounded by meadows, trees and brooklets, and because there are two breeding farms, one with Merens horses, the beautiful black horses from the Pyrenees, and one with long-haired Scottish Highland Cows, that besides sheep and goats are a continuous source of curiosity for children (whom we will in this case more than ever help to watch and not touch, unless they are accompanied and authorised).

The pirate mountain of AlfaBaita

AlfaBaita and the Valle Varaita can be an excellent galleon where you can dig tunnels, build swings for spiders, deviate brooklets, open a shop of mould pizzas, talk to the trees, become friends with cows, marmots and buzzards, learn to recognize mushrooms, build a playhouse, chase lizards, count stones and have swaying naps!

That’s why our holiday homes (Cormac, Ferdinand, Agota) have spaces that are suited for children, a special library, snowshoes, mountain bikes and a table football on the lawn at the front. 

That’s why a few years ago the book La montagna pirata (The Pirate Mountain) came into being… Because we have been children too and we know about the thousands of adventures this mountain has to offer.

And if AlfaBatia and Borgata Confine are not enough…

There is a whole area suitable for children to be discovered right nearby! Some examples?

  • The paths for families with children that were especially designed for the little ones;
  • the stone pine forest on the Alevè, unique in the Alps;
  • the path of the Sarvanots, the Occitan gnomes;
  • the wonderful Fabbrica dei Suoni (Sound Factory);
  • the Lake of Castello or Pontechianale where you can go for a walk or a horse ride;
  • the Adventure Path at Charonto with its climbing routes and hanging bridges;
  • the swimming pool at Piasco with water slides and inside as well as outside pools;
  • the bookshop and children’s areas at the Segnavia tourist office in Brossasco;
  • Sampeyre with its inflatables (in Summer), carrousel, cinema and picknick gardens;
  • Tibettan bridge at Becetto;
  • the many riding schools;
  • the skiing and climbing courses.

AlfaBaita is waiting for you: when are you coming to visit us?

Discover the beauties of our area!