Sala Yanez may be rented for courses and events

Stories, connection, friendship

A large room with a stone vault and with many sides

Sala Yanez is a room of about 40 m2, equipped with everything that is needed to organize courses, seminars, and events for up to 25-30 people.

Sala Yanez, once a large stable with feeding-trough (of which the stone basement survived), and renovated to glorify the beautiful vault and the big side pillar, has actually remained faithful to its original form, because since the stables were the place where people gathered to tell and listen to stories, the vocation of this space has not changed.

It can be used as a reception room, as a room full of chairs for seminars, or it can be left empty for a course of yoga or other activities that require freedom and movement.

How much is it?

  • 80 euros/half a day;
  • 140 euros/whole day.

Identity card of Sala Yanez

  • Size: 40 m2
  • Capacity: max 30 persons
  • Wi-Fi: Yes, free
  • Bathrooms: yes
  • Animals: permitted
  • Here you will find: 55-inch tv, antenna tv, pc connected to a big screen for lessons and projections, whiteboard, tables and a desk for larger events, seats (max 30)

Within the literary, bookish atmosphere of AlfaBaita is Sala Yanez the only space that has not been named after a writer, but after a literary character: Yanez De Gomera, created by the Italian author Emilio Salgari, and the loyal friend, albeit piratically independent, of Sandokan. The room bears his name because we have all been children wearing sandals who loved to climb, and perhaps we will once be like that again, so it’s good to remember that stories always speak to that pirate in us, dedicated to adventure, with all its risks and its gild-plated recompenses. 

Would you like to organize an event here?